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Architects (or Interior Designers) are professionals primarily concerned with the design and aesthetics of architectural spaces. Within VRASQA, they possess broad access to all available brands on the platform. This enables them to explore a wide range of acoustic solutions and incorporate them seamlessly into their architectural designs.

Resellers are individuals or companies specializing in the distribution of acoustic products. Within VRASQA, Resellers have the capability to request access to specific brands for resale purposes. This role allows them to curate their offerings to meet the diverse needs of their clientele and expand their product portfolio efficiently.

AV Integrators specialize in integrating audiovisual technology into various environments, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Similar to Architects, AV Integrators enjoy unrestricted access to all public available brands on the VRASQA platform. This access enables them to select and integrate the most suitable acoustic solutions into their audiovisual systems, enhancing overall performance and user experience.

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